Have summer days spent down at the shore turned your skin a rich golden shade? Then you probably want to make the most of your summer tan. White tops, and white teeth, enhance your summer glow and help you make a terrific first impression.

Are your teeth as white as you’d like, or are they dingy or stained thanks to coffee, tea, smoking, or other foods? At Dental Arts of Edgewater in Edgewater, New Jersey, Dr. Michael Moawad ensures your pearly whites dazzle. We’re committed to your sparkling smile, whether it’s routine dental cleaningveneers, or teeth whitening.

What is teeth whitening?

In a world where 76% of survey respondents rate a smile as the most important physical characteristic, you want a great smile. And there’s no doubt whiter, brighter teeth contribute to that smile.

In-office teeth whitening is a simple procedure that uses a professional-level whitening gel to bleach your teeth. The process usually takes 60-90 minutes, after which your teeth will be lighter and whiter and look great against your summer tan.

We use a strong peroxide-based mixture to bleach your teeth, and we monitor you to ensure you have the right amount of time with the solution on your teeth. Too long, and your teeth can be dehydrated, which increases their sensitivity.

Because teeth whitening is non-invasive, you can go straight from the dental chair to summertime fun, flashing your winning smile.

What to expect from teeth whitening

At Dental Arts of Edgewater, we evaluate your teeth, lifestyle, oral health, and desired whiteness. Depending on the current shade of your teeth, you can expect 1-4 shades lighter.

After you’ve completed your whitening treatment, you may find it lasts several weeks or months, depending on your lifestyle habits and natural teeth color. For example, if you smoke or drink a lot of coffee, you may find that whiteness fades quickly. Once we’ve evaluated your teeth, we can share our professional expectations.

Whiter teeth give a confidence boost

You only get one chance to make a great first impression, and a bright smile is one of the first things people notice in person and in social media photos. Plus, whiter teeth will look great against your summer glow. Then, as summer turns to fall, you can continue to enjoy a brighter smile.

Discover how Dental Arts of Edgewater can help you get the dazzling smile you deserve. To uncover your whitest teeth this summer, schedule your appointment today by calling our office or requesting an appointment online.

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